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Todo Bien

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The history of Todo Bien starts in 2015 with the owners of the company, Koen and Petra. During a tour through Asia they spot several special umbrellas. Because of the interest this arouses in them, they get into conversation with the local population and all. The idea quickly arises to investigate the possibilities of introducing these parasols in the Netherlands. That is the beginning of the current success, because the parasols are still unknown in the Netherlands and Europe, but are immediately a bull's eye!

The name Todo Bien is inspired by what Koen and Petra experience in Bali, everything is nice (beautiful), the literal translation of the name of the company. And that experience with all the beauty that Bali has to offer, is the start of a special collaboration with local professionals. Combining Todo Bien's ideas and designs with local craft, unique umbrellas are created from materials that have not been used before, including hand-knotted rope umbrellas. This new type of parasol turns out to be a real eye-catcher for the international hotel and restaurant world. The umbrellas exude sun, sea and sand, something that fits perfectly with the atmosphere that they want to radiate to let their customers have a great time. Due to its natural appearance, the material rope becomes a basic ingredient. Initially by using it on the parasols, but eventually also by processing this environmentally friendly material in various types of outdoor furniture. This creates a very exclusive look that has resulted in the current rope collection of furniture and parasols!

The owners see the name Todo Bien as the beating heart of their company philosophy: everything that is offered should distinguish itself from other providers. Not only in appearance, but also in materials and quality. This principle lays the foundation for the current range of special products. Koen and Petra travel to Indonesia several times a year for inspiration, but also to guarantee quality. Ultimately, an own production team is set up in Bali and Java, in order to be assured of a continuous quality of materials and craftsmanship. Together with this team, they continue to develop their inexhaustible source of inspiration, so that Todo Bien can continue to surprise their customers with their special collections of rope, teak wood, bamboo and dried water hyacinth.

Today, Todo Bien develops and distributes the brand all over the world! The team works together with great enthusiasm and harmony and does its best every day to satisfy and keep all customers 100% satisfied by “all the beauty” that Todo Bien has to offer.
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