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  • Since 2021
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The laundry perfumes from Ventilii Milano are the latest craze from Italy
for wonderfully scented laundry and a great fragrance experience for the whole
The laundry perfumes from Ventilii Milano are very tasty and also
once highly addictive, from the moment you start using them.The
wax perfumes from Ventilii Milano are a fantastically scented addition for
in the washing machine, they smell intensely good and long lasting. They are unique
fragrances of the highest quality, which will keep your laundry and your home for days
give ultimate feeling of freshness.Ventilii Milano wax perfumes are strong
concentrated perfumed and cannot be compared to standard
fabric softener. Unlike a fabric softener, the smell of
the laundry perfumes from Ventilii Milano stay in your washed textiles for much longer
present. The concentrated wax perfumes are made from the best ethereal
oils and are suitable for all types of textiles. And the detergents in
the store are sold smell quite nice and fresh, but the smell
usually doesn't stay very long in your clothes, sheets and
towels. But if you were a little bit perfume from Ventilii Milano
add to your dirty laundry, your laundry will stay delicious for much longer and
smell fresh. After washing you can enjoy a delicious
scented and clean laundry and a wonderfully fragrant house. This fantastic
wax perfumes can now also be ordered for resellers in Belgium and
Netherlands. Unfortunately, it is not allowed to sell products of this brand under the
fixed selling price and it is not allowed to sell products from
offer this brand on marketplaces/sales platforms (such as
<>, Amazon, etcetera). After purchase, exchange or return is not possible
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