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Protège-slip lavable
Vert & Bleu France

Washable panty liner

Pressure washable panty liner: This washable, discreet and ecological panty liner with a fitted cut is designed to hug the feminine shapes and the undersides, you hardly feel it so comfortable. It protects sensitive and delicate skin from irritation, itching, yeast infection or allergies. In cotton, this washable panty liner is recommended for: . the end of the menstrual cycle . accompany the menstrual cup or "cup" during menstruation . every day in case of urinary or vaginal discharge. Thin, discreet and invisible, this reusable intimate protection combines comfort, hygiene and ecology. Characteristics : * bamboo does not need fertilizer to grow. It grows 1 meter every day, it is an ecological natural resource. * An OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 fabric has been checked at each stage of the treatment: raw materials, threads, dyeing. It does not contain chemicals harmful to health. For hygienic reasons, this product cannot be returned or exchanged. Maintenance tips : . Step 1: Rinse your panty liners in cold water. Do not use hot water which cooks the blood and fixes the spots if you use your panty liners at the end of the menstrual cycle! . Step 2: Simply machine wash them at 40 ° or 45 °. . Step 3: Washable panty liners don't like the dryer too much as they can damage the fibers. Air dry. French made