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Purificateur d'eau par gravité - Filtration céramique 16 L
Vert & Bleu France

Purificateur d'eau par gravité - Filtration céramique 16 L

WATER FOUNTAIN BY GRAVITY The Vert & Bleu fountain is a gravity water purifier that requires no electrical connection. It is designed for immediate and year-round use. Today, the choice of a water purifier becomes essential and allows you to: - Take charge of the quality of your water and your health - Guarantee you autonomy - Preserve nature - Save money Previously, man drank mineralized and living spring water, but today water is becoming a rare and coveted resource in many countries. In France and elsewhere, manufacturers are privatizing it and keeping us away from its free and natural access. Equipping yourself with the Vert & Bleu fountain also means rediscovering these fundamentals. It is also a real autonomous solution in the event of an emergency or in the event of a degraded situation. Its filtration system guarantees you pure and tasty water every day and provides you with reliable and robust equipment. THE ADVANTAGES OF THE GREEN & BLUE FOUNTAIN - A price accessible to all - Respect for the environment by reducing the use of plastic or glass water bottles - Natural and optimal microfiltration thanks to filters - A stainless steel faucet - The reduction of your water consumption bill Its system filters tap water as well as all uncontrolled water sources such as well water, lakes, rivers, rain, surface water while preserving the minerals necessary for your natural balance of health. Outdoors, at home, in the event of an emergency or natural disaster, it provides you with drinking, safe and tasty water for drinking, cooking, preparing your favorite drinks or for baby's bottle... THE ADVANTAGES OF THE CERAMIC FILTER Equipped with ceramic purification filters, the Vert & Bleu fountain is designed to eliminate bacteria, micro plastics, parasites, protozoa, fungi, algae, chemical residues from the water and greatly reduces the presence of metals heavy. Unlike carbon filters, the 2-in-1 ceramic filter does not require a priming step. Microfiltration process: Microfiltration is carried out thanks to the very fine porosity of the ceramic (0.2 microns) which retains particles in suspension (turbidity of the water), sediments and micro-organisms, heavy metals (aluminum, mercury, lead, etc.) . The ceramic filters sold with the Vert & Bleu fountain are hollow, they can be filled with food-grade activated carbon if you want to free your water from chlorine and chemicals such as pesticides (insecticides, fungicides, herbicides). The combination of these two complementary techniques makes it possible to obtain an excellent level of filtration. The water passes through the micropores of the ceramic which retains the finest bacteria and chemical residues and then passes through the activated carbon on which are fixed, by adsorption, organic pollutants, residues of pesticides or drugs, heavy metals and chlorine. . Ceramic microfiltration prevents pathogenic elements from infiltrating the water and guarantees you pure water that retains the minerals useful to our body. A FOUNTAIN ADAPTED TO YOUR NEEDS The Vert & Bleu fountain is an autonomous, useful and durable piece of equipment for families and businesses (pure water for the preparation of coffee or tea, quantity according to the volume of water chosen). Vert & Bleu offers 2 sizes of gravity water fountain: The 16 Liter fountain is suitable for the daily consumption of 2 - 3 people - Composed of 2 tanks of 8 liters - Dimensions: 21 cm in diameter and 48 cm in height - Weight: 3.6 kg The 22 Liter fountain is suitable for the daily consumption of 4 - 6 people - Composed of 2 tanks of 11 liters - Dimensions: 23.5 cm in diameter and 56 cm in height - Weight: 4.5 kg For more comfort in daily use: The Vert & Bleu fountain can be raised by installing a riser support 13 to 15 cm high depending on the volume of the fountain and allows you to use it more comfortably. The Vert & Bleu booster support is supplied with your fountain. The Vert & Bleu fountain is available for pre-order in order to allow its manufacture and to offer you a preferential rate. It will be delivered before February 15, 2023 COMPOSITION - 2 high quality stainless steel tanks (AISI 304) - 2 ceramic filters 2 and 1. Dimensions: 18 cm per filter - 1 Green & Blue booster support - 1 stainless steel tap, knob and screws - 1 stainless steel cover - 2 blanking plugs - 1 rubber seal to protect the base of the lower tank USAGE TIPS Instructions for assembly and use are included in the packaging box. Using the Vert & Bleu France fountain is very simple and quick. You fill the upper tank with the water of your choice, it passes through the ceramic filters and is housed in the lower tank. All you have to do is help yourself by turning on the tap. FUNCTIONING In practice, gravity filtration is simple, you fill your water fountain in the evening and in the morning the water is filtered, ready to be consumed. On average, each ceramic filter purifies 1 liter of water per hour. This flow is calculated with the upper tank full, it decreases when the water level decreases. The rate of filtration flow increases with the number of ceramic filters installed in the upper tank. The upper tank can accommodate up to 4 filters. Two blanking plugs are included with the fountain and allow you to plug the holes in the upper bowl that are not used. The 2-in-1 function of the ceramic filters of the Vert & Bleu gravity water fountain is a real asset for complete filtration. The ceramic filters of the Vert & Bleu France fountain are made with natural clay which gives them a very fine porosity and gives the water time to pass through them, in order to free it from all micro-organisms, bacteria, micro particles. - plastics and sediments found in controlled water or in wild and uncontrolled water. This process ensures optimal and efficient filtration. If you want to free your water from chlorine and chemicals such as pesticides, you can fill the ceramic filters with food-grade activated carbon. Indeed, the 2-in-1 ceramic filters are hollow to accommodate approximately 30 to 50 grams of activated carbon per filter, depending on the size of the grains. INTERVIEW The tanks of the Vert & Bleu fountain are made of stainless steel and are easily cleaned like all containers of this material, with soapy water or with vinegar and water. Well maintained ceramic filters can be used for many years as long as they are not cracked, punctured or broken. However, in the context of daily use, on average, ceramic filters are changed every 5 to 6 years. The food activated carbon introduced into the ceramic filters must be changed every 6 months. Before installing new ceramic filters, it is recommended to place them in boiling water for 10 minutes. Then, depending on the turbidity of the water, it is advisable to clean the ceramic filters every 2 to 3 months (if your water has a lot of particles in suspension, you can brush them with a nylon brush or with a buffer sponge). You can complete this cleaning by placing the ceramic filters in boiling water for 10 minutes (as you did for the first use) as often as you deem necessary, this also helps maintain a healthy base and sterile ceramic filters. For handling cleaned ceramic filters, hand washing remains the essential hygiene rule. Vert & Bleu France cannot be held responsible for improper use and recommends a chemical and bacteriological analysis of your uncontrolled water in case of doubt. RECOMMENDATION Adding filters reduces filtration time. Filtered water can be stored for a maximum of 3 days in the lower tank. Filters should not be exposed to temperatures below 0°C. Partial filling of the upper tank is possible with a complete filling at least every 3 days, in order to prevent the filters from drying out. It is preferable not to use softened water, this could alter and reduce the life of the ceramic filters. Indeed, the most commonly used softeners work with ion exchangers which transform calcium and magnesium, responsible for the accumulation of limestone, into sodium. The use of these softeners therefore produces soft but salty water. It is recommended to ensure, from the first filtration, that the seal is perfect. Locking nuts and caps should be tight enough so that filtered water only exits through the end of the threaded rods and not around the nuts or caps. To do this, you need to lift the upper tank and visually check that everything is correct. When you are not using the Vert & Bleu fountain for several days or several weeks, remove the ceramic filters and let them air dry, then wrap them cleanly in a cloth or cardboard. 2 years warranty

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