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men elegance grey stone
1915 Watches

men elegance grey stone

The 1915 watch brand was founded by the Bollenstreek brothers Johnny & Robert Spies. They thought that watches could be different. And decided at the kitchen table to design durable watches from unique materials and with striking minimalist dials. The 1915 watch men elegance gray stone is an elegant and chic men's watch. The watch is composed of two natural materials. The dark Sandalwood is naturally dark to almost black in color. So no paint, varnish or stain was used for this color of this watch. But is pure nature. Which forms a chic whole with the gray natural stone dial. The diameter of the watch case is 46 mm. The width of the watch strap is 25mm. The strap can be shortened by removing links. For this, metal pins can be pressed out of some of the links.

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