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  • Since 1988
Family business created in 1988. At the end of the 90s, little by little, the leather workshop was transformed into a jewelry workshop.
Today, our jewelry is designed by our stylists in our workshop in the Marais in Paris, the fashion capital, but production has been transferred to our partner factories.
They have been rigorously selected for their know-how but also for their respect for social and environmental standards.
Following closely the production chain, from design to manufacturing, including molding, polishing and plating, we continue to perpetuate the family tradition with all its know-how and values.

We are developing a collection of French-style jewelry with original, daring, unique and colorful designs, to brighten the lives of all women, allow them to assert themselves and have confidence in themselves.

Our products are distributed in France but also internationally on all continents in independent accessories or ready-to-wear shops that want to sell French-style jewelry.
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