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  • Since 2008
  • Distribution Nature et decouverte, Dream-act, Sevellia, Repubic cool,
Craftsman - precision cabinetmaker by training, I launched my brand Essenciel which was born more than 20 years ago now.
At the beginning of our adventure, we began making an artisanal collection of jewelry in precious wood, which has been refined over time. 

The majority of our collections are bracelets, necklaces, earrings or jewelry. 

Unique and timeless creations imagined during our travels around the world with a selection of the rarest wood species.
In addition to our products, over the past 10 years we have created an entirely handmade collection of wooden watches aimed at women and men. 

A know-how which is characterized by the passion for wood between modernity and tradition.
My Essenciel has been designing sustainable and ethical wooden fashion accessories for over 15 years. 

Since its launch, the brand has designed wooden jewelry, wooden watches and cork leather goods for men and women. 

Recently, a new range of products has been added to the Essenciel brand catalog: Wooden solar glasses and frames that can be adapted to your vision. 

Recognized for its expertise and know-how in the world of wooden fashion items, Essenciel has put all its experience into creating its collection of wooden glasses. 

Concerned about environmental issues, founder Stéphane Amar continues, through his designs and design processes, to maintain what constitutes the soul of the company: marketing responsible, ethical and sustainable products.
Essential Eyewear
We have put all our artisanal know-how and our passion for sustainable natural materials into the creation of these unique eyeglass frames. 

Each is carefully handcrafted with different wood species selected for their superior quality, lightness and natural elegance. 

Our range of wooden sunglasses is both trendy and environmentally friendly, for a lifestyle that is both chic and eco-responsible.
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