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Grimace, tears of joy or sadness, you want to tell your mother-in-law that you are expecting a baby but you dread the face she will make you 😱? How about telling him with a puzzle?
Charly in a relationship with Olivier (❤️) and, no longer supporting his cat, was looking for a slightly twisted way to ask his lover (who has the gift of collecting all the cats in his neighborhood) to adopt this demon in need of green space 🐈.
From there was born bWat; an original way to get a message across with a puzzle! A gift, an excess of love, an event to wish for, offer a bWat in bright colors and let your loved one discover the message you have for him. 🎉 Playful and fun, the only risk is that you get a taste for it and you run out of space for all these puzzles.

Because we only have one planet, Bwat uses French products. The box comes from Périgord, the puzzles are made in one of the last puzzle factories in France, the labels are printed on the island of Oléron with paper from Poitiers.

Shipping boxes are reused boxes. Everything is
assembled in an ESAT in Charente Maritime. Everything is ready for a fun and ecological experience

Each first order will be delivered with a superb POS that perfectly explains the concept
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