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La Vie En Magenta

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Welcome and here is in a few lines, a summary of who is behind "La vie en magenta"...

Above all, we are creative mums,... super mums in a way, but without the cape and tights.
Our little ones grow like weeds and our projects, our small and big ideas grow at the same time as them.
We each have little concentrates of good humor at home (well almost always in a good mood, let's not exaggerate anything…), 4 in all…
Our small, all-female team is made up of 2 designers:
Aurora and Eve.

Our creations are imagined in our heads and made by our hands.

We carry out everything from A to Z in our studio: from creation (our imagination works 24 hours a day, etc.) to printing by our delicate little hands in order to be able to provide you with creations that are too pretty and above all in a short time and at the fairest prices.
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