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  • Since 2019
Mom for a few years, it was while wanting to offer a little jewel to her twin daughters that Laurie-Ann, already founder 15 years ago of the Upper & Co gift accessories brand, realized that she there was no bracelet suitable for children, both pretty and solid. So she decided to make them herself!

Following the success at school of her daughters, the Frenchline brand was born! It offers young and old alike the first customizable line bracelets with a message, hypoallergenic, both solid and light. In silicone, made from recycled plastic bottles, and recyclable, the wristbands are resistant to UV and water (sea, swimming pool, etc.), but also to everyday life! Thanks to their double T-shaped clasp, they adjust to all wrists.

Each bracelet is unique and manufactured by hand, in our workshop in Lyon. It is shipped on its cardboard (8.5 x 5.5 cm) and its transparent protective sleeve.

- More informations:

* Price of the single bracelet: €8.30 excluding VAT. Decreasing price according to the quantities ordered.
* Recommended retail price of the single bracelet: €19.90

- How it works ?

In order to facilitate your selection, Frenchline offers stores “best of” packs for best sellers, “thematic collection” packs, as well as fully customizable packs. The team is at your disposal to advise you on the choice of your messages, colours, profiles and displays.
And you can of course create your own messages: only instruction: 5/message /color/profile

* 16 colors available: transparent, white, phosphorescent, yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, turquoise, ocean, blue, purple, green, emerald, gray, black
* 4 profiles (sizes): Child (4-8 years old) Pre-teen (9-13 years old), Woman (15.5/16.5cm) Man (17.5/18.5cm)
*13 best-of packs: mix of the best sellers according to the selected profile(s)
* 15 thematic collections: Love (Wedding, Valentine's Day), Friendship, Astro, Characters, Luck, Ceremonies (Birth, Baptism, EVJF & EVG), Family, Fun, Life style, Mistress & Nanny, Special occasions (Mother's Day , fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers), Summer, Trend, Travel, Zodiac
* 4 fully customizable packs: quantity to select then 5 bracelets / message / color / profile
* 3 displays: single card holder, wooden display (3 colors available), plexiglass display

It's up to you to write the rest of the story, starting by choosing the messages of all your desires and madness 😊
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