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  • Since 2013
The CALIMA brand is focusing on environmentally friendly and sustainable products and services.

The first products category is the CALIMA TREE-FREE UNBLEACHED AND BLEACHED SUGARCANE PAPERS. They are copy papers A4 light beige and white color, perfect for home, school, and office use. They are the CALIMA NATURAL PAPER 72 g/m2 and the CALIMA WHITE PAPER 75 g/m2.

We love to complement our portfolio with the CALIMA NATURAL NOTEBOOK A5 with 90 g/m2 paper sheets inside 120 pages (112 numbered). This product is perfect for sketching, lettering and taking notes. Their paper sheets are heavy and smooth, taking ink without feathering or smudging which makes an excellent product for fountain pen and wide markers users too.

The CALIMA papers are recyclable and compostable. One Ton of sugarcane paper saves around eight trees when compared to eucalyptus trees from Brazilian plantations. The sugarcane cellulose is a residue of the sugar production called bagasse which is upcycled into paper. This raw material is renewable in short periods. The odorless process of 100% sugarcane paper manufacturing is a great advantage too for people and nature around the factories. The bagasse is free of the additional processes required by trees except for cleaning and with the short distances to the pulp and paper mill facilities has lower CO2 emissions. One in five trees cut worldwide is used for paper production, half of it could be replaced by 650 million Tons of bagasse per year left after sugar production. The paper is lignin and acid-free. The natural color paper has no bleaching, whitening, or dying chemicals.

Our brand name and image originate from the pre-Colombian CALIMA culture that was in the Cauca Valley region, where the sugarcane grows all year-round. After squeezing the sweet juices, the remaining byproduct fibers are recycled into the CALIMA Paper, creating a beautiful Cream or White color paper. In the northern tip of South America, between the Cauca Valley and the Pacific Ocean are the fabulous valleys of the Calima, Dagua, and San Juan rivers with one of the richest and more diverse tropical rainforests worldwide. The CALIMA culture lived here between 1600 BC. and 100 AD., and they mastered goldsmithing and ceramics art.

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