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Carelia Petits Natural Care

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  • Location Terrassa
  • Since 2015
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Karelia was born in 2013 as a result of the concern of its director and founder, Inés Navas, for taking maximum care of the health, safety and well-being of her daughters Carla and Claudia.

Ines, aware of the importance in the care of the skin of the little ones, wanted to offer her own daughters the best natural product, free of harmful substances.

And that's how he developed for them a line of shampoo and gel, moisturizing body milk, diaper balm cream and eau de cologne capable of taking care of their daughters' skin naturally and deeply, while giving them the pleasure of a fragrance Soft and enduring in memory.

In Karelia, affection and protection acted as a premise throughout its development, incorporating the healthiest active ingredients for the care of sensitive skin.

A range of natural cosmetic products conceived with great care and care, in close collaboration with expert dermatologists, for babies and children, even for those who need special care for having atopic or hypersensitive skin.

Essential cosmetics of high tolerance, exquisite textures and smells. Free of toxic substances such as parabens, mineral oils or other additives that we consider unnecessary.
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