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collan® - Swedish-made quality products that promote natural beauty and health from within.

"We are convinced that inner well-being gives natural beauty, in addition we believe in Nordic simplicity and that pure ingredients are the key to good products."

Our driving force is to be able to offer unique products that promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Many of us today do not have the time and energy to live as healthy as we might like and therefore we have created smart, functional and easy-to-use products. Keeping the body in balance is important for feeling good in a stressful everyday life.

Our product philosophy is natural, efficient, high quality and sustainable. This is always the basis when we develop our products.

Collagen is the basis of all our edible products and in addition we have added well-selected substances that build up the body from the inside and also in an optimal way make it visible on the outside.

The products must not only be useful and effective but also taste good, therefore taste has a given and central part in our product development.

To achieve the maximum effect of the Collagen products, we have also developed a product in the segment "external skin care" - a Concentrate that is mixed into your regular day cream and which boosts Collagen production in the skin.
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