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  • Since 2023

Nutri Beauties is in nutricosmetics category and is made from high quality vitamins and minerals. We show you how to harness the power of the very best ingredients and micronutrients, and tailor them to your skin.
Our skincare and beauty supplements are GMO-free, halal, soy & Nuts & dairy-free.
Nutri Beauties has done all the research for you. We have an extensive Nutri Beauties ingredients dictionary where you can find out for yourself which ingredients and their health benefits are a right fit for you and your skincare needs.

When she moved from Iran to the UK, our founder and CEO, Dina Bahrami, discovered that no all-natural, healthy drinks were available on the market that harnessed the power of Nutricosmetics and aided in healthy skin.

Inspired by her Iranian roots, Dina began experimenting with mixing healthy drinks, and with the support of Warwick Enterprise, gradually developed a health shot. This was the original Nutri Beauties vision.

To cut out any unnecessary preservatives, Dina streamlined the formula and began developing the Nutri Beauties supplement as a liquid, meaning that you have the option to consume the liquid collagen directly in its concentrated form, or you can mix it with your favourite beverages.

Nutri Beauties aims to equip you with the power of Nutricosmetics, and how proper nutrition and a healthy balanced diet can help you illuminate your natural beauty - from the inside out. We believe that knowledge is power. Nutri Beauties wants to share with you all of the nutritional insider information and the benefits of dietary health supplements so that you can take the reins and make the best decisions for you and your skin, healthily and sustainably.

Nutri Beauties allows you to take your skin health in your own hands and tailor your nutritional intake to your skin's needs.


It's no secret that; the very best ingredients plus a balanced diet equals radiant, glowing skin. Inspired by a traditional Iranian drink, the Nutri Beauties formula has been enriched with all the essential micronutrients your skin needs to glow! Our supplement comes in a liquid form and can be used solo or added into water, smoothie or mixed into your favourite dessert.
The active ingredients then work to target the dermis and hypodermic - the very core of your skin - resulting in healthy, nourished skin, hair, and nails from the inside out!
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