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Our passion
It is our passion to bring people together, be it at home, on the go or in fine dining, to give them precious and delicious moments together. And that with products that, thanks to their excellent design, perfect functionality and best quality, make a culinary experience a pleasure. The products are manufactured using a modern and lean manufacturing process, with a focus on design, quality, functionality and safety. The products are supported by a small dedicated customer service team.

Our drive
We want to show people that we understand them when it comes to the almost daily question "What are we cooking today?". Cooking is becoming more and more important in Germany. And fresh, delicious, crunchy and healthy. And cooking should also be something social. DeWok stands for health and community. It's a kitchen appliance and cooking system that brings people together - at home or on the go. You should have fun together while preparing the food. And that's what the DeWok system is for. It combines all these requirements in a timeless design with noble materials and is also developed in Germany.
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