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Crème jour - Parfum Mystère du Nil
Du Monde A La Provence

Day cream - Mystery of the Nile fragrance

Mystery of the Nile Perfume Every day, Cleopatra used donkey milk to enhance her beauty, why not you? Particularly rich in minerals, vitamins and fatty acids, organic donkey milk has incomparable virtues that restore youth, suppleness and vitality to all skin types. Research Du Monde à la Provence has formulated this daily care with rigor to allow you to feel more beautiful, morning after morning. Gently hydrated, your complexion is smooth and illuminated. For better effectiveness, it is recommended to first use the Alissa Du Monde à la Provence serum. Active ingredients Organic donkey milk & shea Very similar to human milk, donkey milk is rich in vitamins (A, B, C, D and E), minerals and trace nutrients that nourish the skin, regulate the skin's physiological balance and fight against aging. alissa

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