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Natural Exfoliating Dry Body Brush

Natural Exfoliating Dry Body Brush

Our exfoliating body brush is made from 100% FSC certified sustainable beechwood and zero plastic making it the ideal skincare purchase for those wishing to live a more zero waste lifestyle. DRY BRUSHING: Brush off your dead skin cells and encourage skin cell renewal by using our dry brush before your shower every day. Stimulating the skin circulation will help to create smoother, healthier skin with a natural glow. NATURAL BRISTLES: The bristles are made from the sisal plant, rather than plastic, and will easily decompose when the brush is ready to be disposed of. Using natural brushes will stop micro plastics escaping into the water system and causing harm to our ecosystem. LESS WASTE: The ecojiko body brush is made from sustainable beechwood which will biodegrade easily at the end of its life, rather than lasting years in landfill. CHUNKY HANDLE: The wooden handle allows you to grip the body brush and glide gently over your skin. CARING FOR YOU: Use lighter strokes on more sensitive areas of the body. Never use the body brush on the face or broken, damaged or sunburnt skin. MANUFACTURE: We work with a reputable manufacturer in rural China who produces the brushes from 100% FSC sustainable beechwood. We only ship to the UK using sea freight, not air, in order to reduce our carbon omissions. Size 10cm diameter.

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