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Bamboo Nail Brush

Bamboo Nail Brush

Clean your fingers and nails with ease with the ecojiko FSC sustainable bamboo nail brush. Lightweight and compact, making it ideal for adults and children alike. CLEANS HANDS, NAILS, FEET: The sisal natural bristles are soft yet durable. Handy for scrubbing gardeners’ or workers’ muddy hands as well as children’s dirty nails. 100% FSC CERTIFIED SUSTAINABLE BAMBOO: We use sustainable bamboo instead of plastic. As one of the most sustainable woods, bamboo grows fast and needs no nasty chemicals. It is also lightweight, making it a perfect nail brush for children. PLASTIC FREE: The ecojiko nail brush is made from natural materials and contains zero plastic. The bristles are made from the sisal plant and will easily decompose when the brush is ready to be disposed of. Using natural bristles will stop micro plastics escaping into the water system and causing harm to our ecosystem. HANDY ROPE: The nail brush can be hung in your bathroom with the handy rope tie which will help it to dry quickly. CARE: Lengthen the life of your nailbrush by hanging out and leave to dry after use. MANUFACTURE: The brushes are manufactured in China, where bamboo predominantly grows. We work with a reputable manufacturer who produces the brushes from 100% FSC sustainable bamboo. We only ship to the UK using sea freight, not air, in order to reduce our carbon omissions. The nail brush is sold as single unit size 10 x 4 cm with no packaging.

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