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  • Since 2012
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EPIGR'AM is colorful stationery, but also the unmissable 3D animal trophies in colorful cardboard that are a must.

EPIGR'AM offers original and colorful fancy stationery collections that change the codes and habits of fancy stationery, to involve parchment paper, play with materials, glitter, embossing, enhance gilding with a brush, accumulate artisanal manufacturing processes requiring patience and know-how, and establishing links between the worlds of paper, decoration and fashion

EPIGR'AM wants to be "ecological", working only from natural materials. The paper is handcrafted from recycled cotton scraps, the dyes are eco-friendly and guaranteed by the Reach label, which takes care of both the environmental impact and your health. Epigr’am also wants to be "ethical", with clear commitments of mutual respect and close links with craftsmen
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