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  • Since 2017
  • Distribution Yogacentrum Tilburg, Feel Best, Healthstudio Adele, Mysore Yoga (Bonaire), Yogabeau, Studio Namaste, Effect yoga&coaching, Zenang Yoga & More, Atelier Du Mon, My Flow, C&G Centro de Pilates S.C., Eva'Z yoga & pilates
Hi, nice to meet you! I’m Ingrid, the founder of FLXBL Yoga. I created the FLXBL Yoga mat back in 2017 by combining my passion for yoga, creativity and entrepreneurship.

Like many of us, I was looking for peace and relaxation to deal with the challenges of modern day life. Hot yoga was my favorite way to do so because I loved the warmth during practice. However, the studio mats became very slippery because of all the sweat, which didn’t feel hygienic as well. I tried a yoga towel but it didn’t stay in place and constantly wrinkled. After a while, I found out about microfiber yoga mats and it immediately caught my attention. As it was not yet available in the Netherlands, I decided to create my own and call it 'The FLXBL'.

When I took the first samples to class, it was great! I didn’t slip away in Down Dog anymore and I could easily wash it after practice. Before I knew it, many other yogi's asked if they could purchase a FLXBL because they experienced the same problems as I did before. When they told me they loved the mat, I was convinced to go for this adventure.

I am so delighted that after 3 years, my brother Jasper joined the FLXBL team to share the gift of yoga, freedom and creativity. We’d love to spread the FLXBL globally, offering the best yoga experience to as many people as possible.
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