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Hey Harper - The Original Waterproof Jewelry Brand

From Lisbon, Portugal, Hey Harper was born in 2018 on the dream of having long lasting jewelry that wouldn’t make our pockets go slimmer.

With a wide rage of unique, 100% own designs, Hey Harper's products are made of stainless steel - a highly durable metal built not to rust or tarnish - and coated with the most modern process available: PVD - Physical Vapor Deposition.


In life what is luxury is owned with great value.

The summer sunsets at 9pm and the breathtaking rooftop views. The Monday rush in a big city and feeling your heartbeat when the music is too loud. Or when you are in a cheerful crowd. It is a luxury all the laughs you have with your friends, who accept you for who you are, because being you is enough, and life is supposed to be ridiculously fun. It is a luxury the freedom of independence – you can always indulge yourself. So put a ring on, for the times you strive to be what you always dreamed of. Make your younger self proud of who you have become. Stop calling something luxury if it lacks meaning – that is not worth lasting. Quality is not a luxury anymore, it’s a standard. Hey Harper, Original Anti-Luxury Waterproof Jewelry.
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