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Hosenmax - Babyschlafsack

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  • Since 2019
  • Distribution Hosenmax.de, Etsy
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Hosenmax – The best for my child

At Hosenmax you will find practical products made from selected materials, child-friendly designs and all of the best quality! For example, probably the most cuddly #sleepingbags with feet, in year-round and summer quality. Immerse yourself in the stories of the nimble 🦊, the playful 🦁 and the cheeky 🐵 and discover something new together, you and your child.

Sustainability is very important to the Hosenmax team. We strive to take social responsibility at all levels, from the choice of materials (e.g. organic) to the packaging (reusable fabric bags) and to protect our environment as best we can! This starts with the role model for our children through our own attitude and way of life and continues with the fairest and most environmentally friendly production of the most resource-saving and durable, practical products possible.

Only in this way, through responsible use of resources, can we leave our children and future generations an intact and clean environment.

In addition to sustainability, safety is also a top priority. All of our products are tested by independent testing institutes and certify that they are harmless to the sensitive skin of babies and children. They also ensure compliance with social and environmental standards.
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