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Pendule Merkabah en Labradorite
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Merkabah Pendulum in Labradorite

This labradorite merkabah pendulum will assist you to connect with your intuition and the subtle aspects of existence. The pendulum is a tool of choice for therapists and dowsers, because it is a reliable relay of intuition. He is called upon to find lost objects, administer energy treatments or even answer specific questions. This pendulum is all the more powerful and sure that it contains the merkabah, symbol of sacred geometry. In the Judaic tradition, the merkabah is a representation of the divine chariot, or the subtle aspects of being that allow us to access higher dimensions. It is also often used in astral travel. This mystical energy corresponds perfectly to that of labradorite, a stone of protection and magic with many virtues. With its iridescent reflections streaking its dark matrix, labradorite promotes harmony and well-being by neutralizing all bad energies and keeping them at bay. Connected in particular to the centers of subtle perception such as the third eye chakra, it also assists its user to develop a sharp perception of things. Use this labradorite merkabah pendulum to connect to the subtle information channels of the Universe and thus make right decisions. It will also provide you with the answers to your questions on all topics in your life, whether it's your health, your finances or your relationships. In energy work, this merkabah pendulum in labradorite will help you to purify and balance each chakra, and will contribute to their harmonization as a whole. FEATURES : - Stone: Labradorite - Material: Zinc Alloy - Weight: 18 g - Dimensions: 18 cm (chain), 7 cm (pendulum)

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