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Pendule Merkabah en Œil de Tigre
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Tiger's Eye Merkabah Pendulum

This tiger eye merkabah pendulum will help you regain full confidence in yourself and in life. The pendulum is a tool much appreciated by therapists, dowsers and clairvoyants, because it is a reliable support for intuition. It allows you to find lost people or objects, to conduct energy healing work or to obtain answers to specific questions. This pendulum will be all the more beneficial to you as it contains the merkabah, a powerful symbol of sacred geometry. Traditionally, the merkabah is a representation of the divine chariot, the various invisible aspects of being and the connection to higher planes. It has many benefits: it is used to restore physical, emotional and vibrational harmony, to connect with invisible dimensions or even to perform astral travel. Tiger's eye is a crystal of inner heat. Its light and powerful energy like the big cat revitalizes the solar plexus chakra, undoing the knots in this area. Tiger's eye also helps to enhance feelings of personal power. It is in particular a companion of choice to learn from its mistakes and emerge strengthened, but also to move forward with optimism towards its goals. It helps its owner to become aware of its potential. Include this powerful tiger eye merkabah pendulum in your panoply of soul explorer, and let it guide you towards horizons bathed in golden light. In particular, you will be able to call on him to make fair decisions, based on your strengths and abilities rather than on your inner limits. Your tiger eye merkabah pendulum will also be an asset of choice for energy work on the solar plexus chakra. FEATURES : - Stone: Tiger's Eye - Material: Zinc Alloy - Weight: 18 g - Dimensions: 18 cm (chain), 7 cm (pendulum)

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