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KVP - Textile Design

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  • Since 2012
Textile Designer - Pattern Maker / B2B & B2C - 100% EU production
KVP - TEXTILE DESIGN is first and foremost a constant vibration for patterns and their power; it's a passion for the final touch and well-being that textiles bring to an interior.

Launched in 2012 by Kim Vande Pitte, Belgian textile designer based in Brussels, the brand combines the creation of patterns and collections of fabrics for upholstery, home linen, design objects and furniture.

Through a deeply anchored graphic universe, Kim develop functional, besboke solutions for B2B and B2C customers to precisely match their needs with authenticity, enhance their interiors and make them captivating.

For KVP, decoration is all about balance and precision, with a touch of dynamism. It has to be a source of well-being, functional and high quality. That's why Kim favors natural materials, modular solutions, originality and exclusivity in the products she offers.

Her products range goes from fabric to the meter to table and kitchen linen, cushions, blankets, blinds and curtains, rugs and furniture/seating.

Patterns, and more specifically lines, are her specialty. In her view, patterns should come to life as they unfold on surfaces and objects, invigorating space or homogenizing it, thrilling and touching those who look at them.

They play a powerful role: they mark our identity by revealing our personality and our aspirations; they represent what we like, what makes us feel good and who we are.

The brand focuses on global creation: from graphic design to management of final production, through exclusively European production in close collaboration with subcontractors, with their know-how and expertise.

As part of Kim's commitment to conscious consumerism, she is keen to have her textiles produced by people who share her respect for values ​​such as fair labor, attention to the human dimension in the creative process, and high-quality materials to ensure the sustainability of each piece. As well as an approach that favors slow design, small-scale production and made-to-measure to limit waste and overproduction.

0FFERS & SERVICES – B2B & Customers
- Pattern creation
- Bespoke projects and products
- Fabric by the meter (only for decoration professionals)
- Purchase of stocks (only for decoration professionals)
- Pieces from the collection or on order

- Upholstery fabrics
- Cushions: (printed) – quilted – woven – pleated
- Window coverings: curtains – blinds – panel curtains
- Blankets
- Table cloth / Kitchen linen
- Rugs
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