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Binchotan Taille S - Charbon actif purificateur d'eau

Binchotan Size S - Activated carbon water purifier

Lot of 12 Binchotan activated carbon - Size S 1 stick purifies up to approximately 1 liter of water Binchotan being a natural product, each stick is unique. Our Binchotan activated carbon comes from the Wakayama region of Japan, respecting the traditional and environmentally friendly methods of yesteryear. Our charcoal comes only from Ubame oaks providing better quality wood. A piece of Binchotan activated charcoal can be used for 3 to 6 months. When the charcoal has lost its properties, you will quickly notice that the taste of water will not be the same. Binchotans can be delivered loose or with kraft cardboard sleeves.

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