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Pochette de voyage + 2 lingettes (1 Lin Lavé, 1 Coton imprimé)
L'échoppe de Nine

Travel pouch + 2 wipes (1 washed linen, 1 printed cotton)

Useful and 100% practical gift format! To manage getaways away from home in organized mode, the solution! This pouch has two compartments, snap button closure: -> 1 in Oeko Tex cotton to store your own items -> 1 waterproof glitter PU (French) to store used ones So the clean ones remain dry and clean and the dirty ones wait patiently for their little wash... It comes with 2 fabric wipes (1 in printed cotton + 1 in washed linen): washable and reusable endlessly. * 2 sides, for effective and economical cleaning: 1 ultra-soft sponge side + 1 light exfoliating Washed Linen side to refine cleaning These wipes are very fine and allow you to use very little cleaning or makeup remover. So it is instantly distributed on both sides and allows you to clean the largest part with the sponge part, then finish with the printed cotton side. Tencel ® sponge: the special fiber for sensitive skin, eco-responsible * Tencel® fiber is produced in Austria from wood cellulose (eucalyptus pine, etc.) managed by FSC, i.e. in the intelligent management of our resources in order to preserve them. These woods ideally grow quickly, locally, without watering or pesticides. The sponge is then knitted in Turkey, rather close compared to sponges from Asia. * Special mention to Tencel® for its contribution to the ecological cause! This extremely soft sponge is hypoallergenic and is therefore particularly suitable for the most reactive or atopic skin. Goodbye redness and tingling... * European washed linen, the local natural fiber for a gentle peeling treatment Lovers of natural fibers, you will love Washed linen for its slightly scrubbing but so soft grain. Very respectful of even the most sensitive skin, it will allow you to cleanse your skin that is both perfect and very fine. * Zero waste approach washable wipes are 10 times cheaper than disposable wipes, not to mention the savings on beauty products because, being thinner, they require less product for the same effectiveness. * Use is simple and easy: Wash, use, wash, ... endlessly! * Linen, the timeless ecological fiber par excellence! -> A few decades ago, in France, we dressed in Linen and Hemp. Quite simply because these plants grow very quickly and easily on our soils while enriching them. The fabric obtained from their fiber has great properties (high wear resistance, heat and humidity regulator, etc.). * 100% quality made in France: artisanal workshop in NANTAIS in one which attaches great importance to the quality of the articles for your greatest respect. * Zero waste approach, an even easier gesture & within everyone's reach... Because facilitating the use of washable products rather than disposable products is my job... I chose PU for the waterproof part of the pouch, an eco-friendly choice. For what ? -> PU is polyurethane: a polymer derived from plastic but much more eco-friendly than PVC. We need waterproofing and at the moment we don't have a more ecological solution! Plus this one is Made in France and reusable, and we love that! Perhaps this is also what thoughtful consumption is...

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