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L'échoppe de Nine

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  • Since 2020
  • Distribution La Petite Marchande, NANTES - Pile Poids, L’épicerie Juste, NANTES - L'épicerie Fine des voisines, CLISSON - Le Plein d'épices, VERTOU - Biotybul, VERTOU - ...
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L'Echoppe de Nine: French Eco-Responsible Workshop
The workshop designs smart, thoughtful and thoughtful products to make your daily zero-waste life easier: shopping, kitchen, bathroom, etc.
The idea is to accompany you towards thoughtful and responsible consumption in favor of waste reduction.
The products are designed around responsible values in the choice of materials, chosen according to their mode and locality of production but also qualitative and functional: easy to use, with pleasure and durably.
The darlings are flax, hemp which grow wonderfully in France or even Tencel (eucalyptus), for their low ecological footprint.
The careful confection is ensured in CHATEAU-THEBAUD, on the outskirts of Nantes.
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