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  • Since 2021
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We believe that the zero waste approach allows a return to basics. Everyone can contribute in their own way. We believe in collective effort and that together we are stronger. We manufacture zero waste accessories in a traditional way while following the most responsible approach possible. We recover dormant fabrics from haberdasheries and textile companies in the Rhône-Alpes region to make our practical, easy-to-use and durable accessories to help everyone gradually reduce their waste and move forward on the path to happy sobriety. . Favorite products: Bee Wraps, dish covers, washable sponges, carrying pouches for soaps and reusable make-up remover wipes.
Boloven is born at the end of 2021 to help each of us do something on our own scale.
The Boloven brand was created at the end of 2021 by Soudrudy Mingkhamsavath, French and of Laotian origin. Before that, she was a change management consultant in the public sector.
In an almost zero waste approach for 3 years, she wants to give a boost to people who want to get started gently with simple alternatives to use on a daily basis.
The name Bolaven comes from the Bolaven plateau, located in southern Laos.
Sou: "It's a nod to my roots. This place is a piece of paradise where my parents lived before coming to France, a corner where time stands still and where nature and good living prime set."
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