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Les Petits Prödiges

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Les Petits Prödiges is a brand of natural cosmetics, Made in France & eco-responsible.

Created in 2017 in a small laboratory in the South of France, Les Petits Prödiges offers you products:
- Natural
- Made in France
- Eco-responsible
- Cruelty-free
- Made with love ♡

Our objective ? Revisiting the essentials of the beauty routine in Green & Sexy.

Green? Natural & transparent formulas, ecological packaging and local production.
Sexy? Colorful designs, attractive scents and pleasant textures.

Having fun while taking care of your health and your planet: it's possible!

Our products: A multi-purpose balm, a moisturizer, a deodorant, a cold soap, an exfoliating soap, a solid shampoo, a solid conditioner, washable and reusable cotton pads, toothpaste and facial cleansing powder .
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