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Comme Avant

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  • Since 2017
  • Distribution Epicerie Bio, Vrac et Zéro-déchet, Concept Stores, Parapharmacies.
Comme Avant is a committed French family business that contributes on its scale to the ecological transition.
Since 2017, we have been producing cosmetics, hygiene products but also a "home" range with detergents and textiles, eliminating all that is superfluous, to focus on the essentials.

A zero waste approach and the principle of "less and better" are the common threads of our approach, for the planet and future generations.

Please note, if you are an e-commerce reseller, please contact us by private message or by email at reseller@comme-avant.bio before confirming your order in order to find out about our eligibility conditions.

The brand and its products are certified: Cosmos Organic, Origine France Garantie, Vegan, Slow Cosmétique, Ecodertergent and GOTS.
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