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  • Since 2011
  • Distribution Mademoiselle Bio, Spa Molitor, Spa et instituts, Concept stores
1st certified organic dermatological brand, made in France, TOOFRUIT is the expert in organic care for children.

TOOFRUIT proposes to make washing and hygiene a daily moment of pleasure and play for children from 3 to 12 years old.
No more phrases like "I don't want to wash up!" », good hygiene practices are learned in a positive way while having fun.

Formulated with healthy and gourmet ingredients with a natural fruit fragrance, TOOFRUIT products are always formulated with 2 fresh fruits, because fruit is health!

All TOOFRUIT skincare products are rich in fruit active ingredients and contain between 99 and 100% natural ingredients, perfectly suited to even the most sensitive skin of children, making it the number 1 reference on the market, and in your bathroom.

Eco-designed and recyclable, the packaging is colorful and adapted to the size of children's hands. Easy to use, they are always designed with waste reduction in mind.

All TOOFRUIT treatments are respectful of children, the skin and the planet. The Yuka scores speak for themselves!

What if you offered your customers something to completely revolutionize their child(ren) toilet?
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