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Since 2015, we have been committed to offering a complete hygiene and care routine without compromise since it is organic, eco-designed, Made in France AND affordable. 

We have developed healthy formulas, where the composition gives pride of place to raw raw materials, to benefit from all the richness of nature. 

Always 100% natural origin and 0% petrochemicals. 

A very high percentage of organic ingredients, with details in French on each product. 

Respect, quality and efficiency, that’s the promise we made to ourselves! 

All this, with an emphasis on sensoriality and giving pride of place to the best raw materials and active ingredients of natural origin (organic argan vegetable oil, jojoba vegetable oil, safflower vegetable oil, Vitamin E...).

In accordance with European regulations, we do not test our products on animals. 

But we go further because none of our products contain ingredients of animal origin (beeswax, carmine red coloring...).Likewise, none of our products are offered in a country whose regulations require animal testing. 

Moreover, we are certified cruelty-free and vegan by PETA.
Our products are Cosmos Organic certified, the most demanding standard in Europe. 

This label gives consumers transparent information on the product formula. 

All our products are Eco-designed. 

In addition to what's inside, we thought about the packaging and its life when it's empty and goes in the trash: the jars are made of glass or metal, materials that can be recycled. 'infinite, compostable cardboard boxes. 

Our products are all super concentrated compact formats, so transport is CO2 efficient since for a 50 gram pot of deodorant, we have at least 3 months of use. 

To offer rather low prices we decided to keep things simple. 

We most often obtain our supplies from the raw material producer. 

With our little hands we make and package each product and ship the packages from our production laboratory near Le Mans. 

There is no subcontracting with us! 

As a result, the products are cheaper and the carbon footprint is better.
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