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  • Location Aurillac, France
  • Since 2019
  • Distribution Milly &Sissy (UK), We are Lifelong (Suède), Beechange (Autriche), Epiceries vracs, Pharmacies/Parapharmacies , boutiques (Drugstore publicis...)
Instagram ankorstore_fr
French innovation: Powdered hygiene products to be reconstituted with water. Powder, cold tap water, shake and presto: a shower gel, a shampoo, a hand washing gel, a body & hair washing gel. No water transported, no bottle thrown away, healthy ingredients, sachets containing the compostable kraft powder. A HEALTHY, ECOLOGICAL and SOLIDARITY product. Our boxes are assembled in ESAT by disabled personnel. All our products are designed and manufactured in France in Aurillac in Cantal by our small start-up. A different way to consume liquid versions of our hygiene products without consuming plastic.