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  • Since 1984
A 100% Marseille brand, LA CORVETTE offers a wide range of products

Created by the Savonnerie du Midi, a Marseilles house with more than 125 years of history, La Corvette® perpetuates an ancestral know-how by manufacturing in the pure tradition the authentic Savon de Marseille.
La Corvette® Marseille soap is made in Marseille, according to the traditional process of cooking in cauldrons, based on oils exclusively of vegetable origin, without chemical additives (dyes, perfumes, preservatives, etc.).

The Corvette® claims loud and clear its Marseille origins! A small three-masted ship used to carry out discovery missions from the port of Marseille, the boat La Corvette® was used in the 19th century to supply the Marseille soap factories with raw materials. This sailing ship continues its course... and fits in with its time by offering products adapted to modern needs while respecting tradition.
The Corvette is now a wide range of more than 150 products for body care and household maintenance, the vast majority of which are Ecocert certified: solid soaps, liquids, scented or not, natural detergent products, for dishes, laundry, floors, wiping, disinfection or the garden.
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