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  • Location Paris, France
  • Since 2017
  • Distribution Galeries Lafayette, BHV, Mademoiselle Bio, Leaves & Clouds
  • Instagram 6798 followers
Z&MA: green, eco-friendly and made in France beauty essentials!

At Z&MA, we are committed to promoting a beauty not cliché that sees beyond the tip of its nose!
Determined to put petrochemicals in the closet, our range of essential green beauty, skin-friendly and respectful of the planet, was developed to meet the universal expectations of a generation in search of authenticity.
Cultivating good humor, we develop daily new make-up and skincare products that rhyme organic with glamor, while remaining uncompromising as to the natural quality of our formulas.
Made in France and labeled Cosmébio, our products will boost the shelves of your bathroom with their pop and bio-positive styles.
No petrol, just beauty!
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