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L'Essentiel Famille Fily

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  • Since 2020
  • Distribution Magasins et boutiques
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L’Essentiel Famille Fily is above all a family business in Provence that takes up the challenge of combining the profession of producer with that of a brand of natural cosmetics. Our ethic is to share with you the return to nature. Since 1859 our family has been cultivating the land in the heart of Provence with the greatest respect for nature. From this know-how we have imagined a range, Marseille soaps, shower gels, solid shampoos, floral waters, essential oils for your well-being and that of nature. The artisanal promise to offer you the simple pleasure of a fragrant and captivating stopover in Provence.

Wishing to offer a complete range and responding to each of your desires, we can now offer you in our natural cosmetics ingredients from our agricultural production, namely: certified organic extra virgin olive oil, 100% natural lavender essential oil, organic lemon verbena and honey from foraging in our lavender fields.

In love with our region and its breathtaking landscapes, we are committed to making you enjoy the scents, colors and perfumes it offers and which transport us. It is in the heart of Provence that nature offers us many treasures.

Finally, we cultivate values that are reflected in the respect of our commitments and the transmission of our family passion.
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