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  • Since 2002
  • Distribution Urban Outfitters, Haba, shop, Dussmann – das Kulturkaufhaus, Manor
Instagram leschi_design
About the luck to meet a warm animal...

We settle warmth animals in almost all regions of the world. And with great success, because the warmth animals are characterized by a high level of adaptability and trusting towards humans.

The special feature: the warming animals love to turn on a plate in the microwave and warm themselves up really nicely.

Since the warmth animals are now at home in many places, this increases the chance of encountering a real Leschi warmth animal. If you ever get that lucky, be sure to allow him to jump onto your shoulder. The animal will immediately pamper you with its warmth.

We, the founders, are three best friends and rely on cheerfulness, high-quality materials and thus on the longevity of our grain pillows.
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