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  • Location Madrid
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Functionality: All our bags can be folded, and therefore, are perfect for traveling and storage; they come with a special box for this purpose.

>> Sustainability: All leathers, zips and threads come from high end brand's surplus, mainly Loewe. 100% upcycled products. We do not produce any new materials but utilize those already in the market but unused.

>> Handcraft: We work with a selection of master artisans with a long experience in craftsmanship.

>> Local: MADE IN SPAIN. We only work with local artisans based in Ubrique, home of the Spanish leather goods tradition.

>> Design: We cannot forget aesthetics! Our designs are beautiful but also practical. Colorful and contemporary designs with a nostalgic but fun twist. Acid, evocative and sensitive colours, with surprising combinations.
Inspiration: We are inspired by Nouvelle Vague films and its heroines, the French Riviera and Basque Country's seafront promenades in any season.
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