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  • Since 2009
Liefe originated from the creative passion to turn used materials into something beautiful and functional. In 2009 this passion started with old wood, since 2014 we work with used and recycled fabrics. The production process of the Liefe bag is a sustainable process, each bag is fairly made by hand & sewing machine.
Recycled canvas cotton, old tent cloths, B-choice/overproduction fabrics are the main ingredients of the various Liefe bags.
The bags are produced in a small workshop in India where sustainability is of great importance,
The Liefe bag obtains its unique & sturdy appearance through the reuse of pure materials. It is also a challenge to create a bag with every new design that you can wear in multiple ways. The small bags are mainly made from residual materials, zero waste is what we strive for.

We recycle cardboard packaging, so your shipping box may not be as nice as new, but the contents sparkle just fine.... After all, it's all about the inside (and nature). ❤️
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Liefe NL
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Liefe NL
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