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Detergent based on organic extra virgin olive oil, organic aloe vera, inulin, and panthenol. Suitable for all hair types and for sensitive scalps. It moisturizes and protects while giving brightness and softness, thanks to the presence of inulin and panthenol. It is delicate on the skin and looks particularly inviting, produced with non-anionic surfactants of natural derivation (coco-glucoside). 100% natural Inulin is mainly present in tubers of Jerusalem artichokes, chicory and scorzonera roots. Useful as a moisturizer for skin and hair and conditioning for hair, with important restorative and de-energizing properties on the hair. Panthenol is often referred to as the “beauty vitamin”. It promotes better skin moisture, penetrates the deeper layers of the skin, and moisturizes it thoroughly. It has regenerating and soothing properties. Effective in both in strengthening and making hair shiny, it also has soothing and moisturizing properties. In fact, it has a particular action on hair: the ability of the pantothenic acid to fix the water helps hair to regenerate and nourish itself and takes care of damaged, split, and dry hair. Coco-glucosides are natural surfactants, obtained from coconut, not aggressive and extremely eudermic, whose "naturalness" and complete biodegradability, are given by the fact that they are obtained by condensation between sugars obtained by hydrolysis from cereals and alcohols or fatty acids of vegetable origin. They are obviously very delicate surfactants which, unlike the other non-ionic surfactants, show good foaming and detergent power. Indications: & nbsp; Excellent for all hair types, it strengthens hair and promotes growth while soothing irritation and scaling thanks to the particular action of panthenol. It is also suitable for delicate skin like those of children given the presence of cocogluside. How to use: & nbsp; Use daily or any time it is necessary to regenerate, nourish, and cleanse hair and scalp. Apply a small quantity of product to the hair, massage thoroughly, and leave to soak in for a few minutes. Rinse. Should hair be very dirty, we recommend a second wash.

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