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  • Since 2017
My name is Mariantonietta Di Cienzo, and I'm an agronomist and owner of the family farm that has been operating for generations in Castelbottaccio, in the province of Campobasso, in the region of Molise.
The company is a result of my father's great work. He has been committed to the family business for over fifty years to make it grow, boosting both quality and quantity. We produce olive oil, cereal and fodder, tomatoes, chickens and eggs. In 1998 the company leadership was handed to me and I decided to implement a radical transformation: we went from being a conventional business using chemical synthesis products for plant cultivation to a solely certified organic business making use of very few input products and solely organic fertilisers.
We produce natural and organic cosmetic products distinguished for their high quality, respectful of health and environment and made with natural and organic substances.
We have a quality certificate for Organic Products for 20 years. Our certificate is issued by Soil and Health Inspection Body.
I started setting up a workshop of organic cosmetics in my village, Castelbottaccio, in 2013. I chose to call it Olea (from the Latin name of the olive Olea Europaea). The firm uses a part of the company production of extra virgin olive oil to make cosmetics.
Some of the essential oils used to perfume my soaps, such as lavender and rosemary, are made by me. The range of my products is expanding with body and face creams, face products, shampoo and conditioners, sunbathing products, oils for body, hair and face, Deodorants and perfumes, Organic St. John's Wort Oil, laurel and other essential oils.
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