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  • Since 2006
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LUZIO was Founded by Maria José Gómez and Maxi Zigart in 2006 in Barcelona aspiring to elevate home and individuals through good taste with a sustainable interior design approach. Luzio has developed its concept into different business that best reflect its spirit. It now has it’s own high-end concept-stores located in Barcelona, restaurants with a unique experience and great cocktail bar. A interior design studio that works in projects all around the world as well as its own Luzio Collection of carefully designed home-décor items found in selected shops.

The LUZIO Collection available at Ankorstore represents the collection of decor products for your home combining artisanal handcrafted products with stylish goods that will become immediate classics, with a firm eco- friendly commitment.
The LUZIO Collection was born in Barcelona with the mission of “revolutionizing” the decor and interior design scene, with a curated collection of timeless high end pieces for your home. Most of our collection is manufactured in Barcelona by our artisans and we constantly develop new products with the hope that they will help and make your home more cozy and stylish while taking into account the best possible materials for the environment. After more than a decade working on our interior design studio and concept store in Barcelona.

We are commited to delight human senses through the creation of outstanding interior design spaces and creating the most unique home decor ítems.
We pursue the quest of sourcing the finest and most sustainable materials from around the world, to create a unique collection.
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