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Marcel & Lily

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  • Since 2014
Founded in 2014, the Marcel & Lily brand offers textiles, objects and accessories designed for the whole family: for mums, dads, godparents, colleagues, including Mamie Janine, Grandpa Henri, Aunt Paulette and Uncle Gaston.

Marcel & Lily enchants everyday life: good humor, sweetness and mischief are displayed in the collections like its creator, Cécile, who handles humor with finesse and a lot of tenderness.

Timeless pieces with tender messages to treat yourself and those you love!

And all this in a refined, chic, sober and up-to-date universe.



The products are created in Paris and mostly made in France and Portugal. In a responsible approach, the brand selects the materials with care; it works hand in hand with its suppliers in order to offer the best possible quality while respecting the environment and the craftsmen (oeko-tex certified textiles, vegetable wax candles made with French wax craftsmen, etc.)


Marcel & Lily offers new products throughout the year and for all occasions (lovers' day, grandmother's day, mother's day, father's day, master-teacher-nannies gifts, Christmas, etc.)

A brand to discover without delay!
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