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Marcel & Lily

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  • Since 2014
Founded in 2014, the Marcel & Lily brand offers textiles, objects and accessories designed for the whole family: for moms, dads, godparents, colleagues, including Grandma Janine, Grandpa Henri, Aunt Paulette and Uncle Gaston.

Marcel & Lily enchants everyday life: good humor, gentleness and mischief are displayed in the collections like its creator, Cécile who handles humor with finesse and great tenderness.

Timeless pieces with tender messages to please yourself and those you love!

And all this in a refined, chic, sober and fashionable universe.



The products are created in Paris and made mainly in France and Portugal. In a responsible approach, the brand selects materials carefully; it works hand in hand with its suppliers in order to offer the best possible quality while respecting the environment and the artisans (oeko-tex certified textile, vegetable wax candles made with artisan wax makers from France..)


Marcel & Lily offers new products throughout the year and for all occasions (lover's day, grandmother's day, mother's day, father's day, master-mistress-nanny gifts, Christmas, etc.)

A brand to discover without further delay!
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