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  • Since 2022
Fun puzzles, fun in pieces!

Natshi creates cool puzzles that combine trendy illustrations with top quality. Our brand is French, but with this touch of Japanese culture so rich in entertainment, creativity and zenitude!

Our collection of 1000-piece puzzles brings together different artists whose works we have selected for their graphic interest, but also puzzlesque. Colours, details, shapes... there's something for everyone! We have chosen images that are as beautiful as they are satisfying to put together.

And the quality? Our products tick all the boxes for a perfect puzzle in the eyes of puzzle fans: thickness of pieces, embossed and matte finish, perfect assembly, resealable bag, poster, quality box... in short, everything that will build loyalty for customers. recurring purchases.

Our adult puzzles are designed to be collected: assembled, admired and then redone over and over again. Pleasure in pieces, for a moment of solo relaxation or conviviality with others!
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