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With our passion for the environment, creativity and research, we want to encourage children to discover the world in their own way and develop skills without destroying their own habitat. 

For us, natural toys that do not harm people or the environment during production, use and disposal are the key to responsible action and a better future for our environment.
What counts are the ingredients.
That's why we do not use artificially produced dyes, such as food coloring or nature-identical dyes, in our finger paint and modeling clay. 

We only use natural pigments and ingredients from controlled organic farming. 

We have all recipes and ingredients continuously checked by Eco-Control and certified according to the NCP standard. 

So you can be sure that what is inside is what it says on the tin.

Safe for kids. 

With respect for the environment.
Bees, butterflies, colorful birds and fish – all this colorful diversity is part of our environment. 

We feel responsible to protect and preserve this diversity for the younger generation. 

That is why we are committed to minimal environmental impact throughout the entire life cycle of our natural products – from the production of raw materials to the disposal of empty packaging. 

At neoGRÜN we only use environmentally friendly raw materials from sustainable sources and organic cultivation. 

In addition, we ensure that our packaging is completely and efficiently recyclable.
We also use electricity from renewable sources in our internal processes, ensure CO2-neutral transport routes and avoid unnecessary packaging waste. 

We regularly train our employees to use our resources consciously and economically. 

Organic finger paints
Make your world more colorful – with real organic finger paints from neogrün. 

Safe and natural.
neogreen finger paints offer a unique color palette made from safe, natural mineral and plant pigments. 

The drip-proof and creamy consistency makes painting an experience. 

Made from natural raw materials, without azo dyes, parabens and petrochemicals. 

Free from palm oil and the most common allergens. 

Naturalness that you can see.
Organic clay
Create your own world with real organic clay from neogrün. 

Model, play and learn. 

Natural and without artificial additives.
Naturally bright colors, made from plant pigments without artificial colors or food colorings. 

neogreen organic clay is super soft and can be easily shaped even with small fingers. 

Made from natural organic raw materials, without alum, without azo dyes, without parabens and petrochemicals. 

Free from palm oil and the most common allergens.
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