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Kritzelkreide - Bunte Straßenmalkreide

Scribble Chalk - Colorful sidewalk chalk

6 sidewalk crayons - white, yellow, red, green, blue, purple Mole Lou loves to draw with neogrün's colorful scribble chalk. Even if he doesn't always meet the model's taste, he has a lot of fun with the colorful chalk pens. Immerse your surroundings in vibrant colors with neogreen scribble crayon! This calcium carbonate chalk gives you the opportunity to express your creativity on the streets, sidewalks and sidewalks. Whether you're conjuring up a work of art, painting a rainbow or bringing your favorite characters to life, sidewalk chalk offers you a vibrant palette of colors to bring your ideas to life. Free from wheat, soy, peanuts and tree nuts, milk, fish and eggs. Our scribble crayon is specially designed to stick to various surfaces such as concrete, asphalt or paving stones. The chalk glides effortlessly across the surface, leaving bold and clearly visible lines. With their vivid pigmentation, the colors make each work of art shine and make it a real eye-catcher for all who walk by. •Extra thick sidewalk chalk for better grip •Virtually dust-free formula for clean fingers •Suitable for asphalt, stone panels, cardboard etc. •Removable and washable from surfaces and textiles •Vegan, non-toxic with natural ingredients The street chalk is easy to use and also suitable for small children's hands. It can be easily removed with water, so you can always make room for new creations. The extra thick chalk pens provide a better grip and allow you to add precise details or design large areas - just as you like. Whether you paint alone or get together with friends, the sidewalk chalk will bring fun and color to your surroundings. It promotes artistic expression, fine motor skills and imagination. Use this colorful world of sidewalk chalk to share your ideas, beautify your surroundings and turn the world around you into a true work of art. DANGER! Not suitable for children under 3 years. Small parts can be a choking hazard. choking hazard.

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