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250ml Disc Top Bottles - Mango

250ml Disc Top Bottles - Mango

Our 250ml bottles have a disc top that makes for easy application. The top doesn’t leak and is very secure which make these the ideal bottles for throwing in your bag or desk drawer. They can also be used to refill our 60ml clip bottles.  Available in 17 of our most popular scents or plain aloe vera which has no added colour or scent.  All of our sanitisers are made from isopropyl alcohol (70% by volume). Isopropyl, while much more expensive, is way less harsh on your skin than ethanol which is used in most store-bought sanitisers.  Palm Safe is Based in Aberdeen in Scotland. Our sanitisers have gone viral online and have thousands o 5 star reviews on Trust Pilot. Everywhere we stock these they sell above expectations especially when placed at point of sale.    

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