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Oranges séchées 1 Kg vrac

Oranges séchées 1 Kg vrac

"In infusion, in an arranged rum, in a cake, the bitterness of the orange will marry so well..." Our oranges have no added sugar, coloring or preservatives. It is only a dried sliced fruit. Each orange is harvested when ripe, then sliced and dried by our producer. Depending on the fruit, the temperature and drying time are different in order to preserve all the benefits. It takes on average 6 to 9kg of fresh fruit to obtain 1kg of dried fruit. You can enjoy them during a trek, a hike, for a snack, as a snack or as an infusion. Store in a cool, dry place away from light. It can darken over time if it is not kept in a cool place, this does not change its taste qualities.

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