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  • Location Hamburg, Germany
Lifebuoy Belt stands for high-quality, fashionable belts with an interchangeable clasp concept. The belts have a high-quality 3-button system and can be individually combined for any occasion thanks to the interchangeable belt buckles.

Lifebuoy leather belt:
- Belt Made in Italy
- High quality materials (full cowhide leather) & workmanship
- Vegetable tanning (environmentally friendly production)
- Vegetable dyed leather, no harmful substances
- Push button system to change our clasps
- Comfortable to wear

Lifebuoy Vegan Belt: [COMING SOON]
- Made from apple peel
- 100% vegan
- OEKO-TEX certified
- PETA certified
- Sustainable & resource-saving production
- Push button system to change our clasps
- High quality & fashionable
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